ICoMM - Microbis Portal

The role of the International Census of Marine Microbes (ICoMM) is to promote an agenda and an environment that will accelerate discovery,
understanding, and awareness of the global significance of marine microbes.

The Microbis database serves legacy, lipidomic, and pyrosequencing data and associated contextual data collected as part of the ICoMM Census of Marine Life Ocean Realm Project. Legacy data include geospatial and environmental data collected from environmental sequencing surveys prior to the initiation of the ICoMM effort. Microbis links to lipid structures (via Lipid Maps) and a mass spectrometry library that contains lipid data derived from microbes from modern and ancient environments.

Details about ICoMM and Keck pyrosequencing projects can be viewed on project pages that contain downloadable MIENS-compliant contextual data, as well as project proposals, DNA extraction protocols and project PI contact information. Pyrotag projects can also be displayed on Google maps and searched by key words and structured comment names.

The database VAMPS (Visualization and Analysis of Microbial Population Structures) and its links to Microbis provide full access to the pyrotag sequences, the contextual data, analytical and graphical tools for comparing microbial population structures for different sites, search tools for locating sequences in each of our samples, descriptions of community composition at taxonomic ranks of phyla, class, order, family, or, when possible, genus for all samples, and rarefaction and diversity analyses for all of ICoMM's data.