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SeaBase VAMPS Portal

Microbiome Resources for Marine and Aquatic Species

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SeaBase provides tools for access, searching, and visualization of the genomes and microbiomes of marine and aquatic organisms. Resources include genome browsing (JBrowse); BLAST searches of genomes, transcriptomes, or proteomes (SequenceServer) with visualization of results on genomes; and user-directed visualization and analysis of microbiomes using the MBL’s VAMPS webserver.

OrganismProject NameDatasetsProject Title
Ciona intestinalis C_intestinalis_Bv3v4 65 Comparative microbiome and metabolome analyses of the marine tunicate Ciona intestinalis from native and invaded habitats
Crassostrea gigas C_gigas_Bv1v2 176 Hemolymph microbiome of Pacific oysters in response to temperature, temperature stress and infection
Nematostella vectensis N_vectensis_Bv1v2 131 Microbiota mediated plasticity promotes thermal adaptation in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis